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Exhibit/Display Policy
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Currently on display

Wirt-2nd Floor Now on display Michigan Traveling Military Museum Historical Military Display
Wirt-1st Floor
Now on display BCLS Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Black History month
Wirt-Local History Room Now on display BCLS Sundays in the City
Wirt-Children’s Now on display Connie Walenga Children’s stories and characters
Wirt-Main Hall
Auburn Now on display BCLS Snowmen on Parade (Display Case), Black History Month (Children), Presidents’ Day (Children), Valentine’s Day (Children), National African American History Month: The Crisis in Black Education (Adults), Love is in the Air (Adults), Keep Calm and Fall in Love with a Book (Teens)




Pinconning Now on display Pinconning Branch Awards & Recognition (Display Case), Books in the Colors of Fall (Adult), Food & Farmer(Adult Non-Fiction), Beware of Things That Go Bump in the Night (Adult & Children), Creepy, Crawly Reads (Teen)
Pinconning Now on Display BCLS Animals (Train in Children’s), Recycling, Gardening, Beverly Cleary (Tween), Poems (Children & Adult)
Sage Now on Display BCLS Heroes, Teen Books for Adults, Adult Books for Teens