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Currently on display

Wirt-2nd Floor Now on display Questers International Antique iron grates, decorative antique wooden boxes and other antique pieces.
Wirt-1st Floor
Now on display BCLS Summer Reading Program
Theme: Heroes
Children’s slogan-Every Hero has a Story
Teen’s slogan-Unmask!
Adult slogan-Escape the Ordinary
Wirt-Local History Room Now on display BCLS Pictures of buildings and homes as well as books on the architecture of Bay City.
Wirt-Children’s Now on display Connie Walenga Children’s stories and characters
Auburn Now on display BCLS Summer Reading Program (Display Case), Chapter Books (Children), Color Theme (Children), Superheroes (Teens), Michigan: A Summer Vacation Destination (Adults), Dog Days of Summer (Adults)
Pinconning Now on display BCLS Craig Boyer’s Superhero Collection (Display Case), Summer Reading Program (Adults & Teens), Weddings, Travel(Adults & Children)
Pinconning Now on Display BCLS Superhero Books (Children), How-to-Draw and Dinosaur Books (Tween)
Sage Now on Display BCLS Heroes, Teen Books for Adults, Adult Books for Teens