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Exhibit/Display Policy
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Currently on display

Wirt-2nd Floor Now on display Michigan Traveling Military Museum Historical Military Display
Wirt-1st Floor
Now on display BCLS Martin Luther King Jr. Day/Black History month
Wirt-Local History Room Now on display BCLS Sundays in the City
Wirt-Children’s Now on display Connie Walenga Children’s stories and characters
Wirt-Main Hall
Auburn Now on display BCLS Snowmen on Parade (Display Case), Black History Month (Children), Presidents’ Day (Children), Valentine’s Day (Children), Oscar Awards 2017 (Adults), Love is in the Air (Adults), Keep Calm and Fall in Love with a Book (Teens)




Pinconning Now on display Pinconning Branch Awards & Recognition (Display Case), Books in the Colors of Fall (Adult), Food & Farmer(Adult Non-Fiction), Beware of Things That Go Bump in the Night (Adult & Children), Creepy, Crawly Reads (Teen)
Pinconning Now on Display BCLS Animals (Train in Children’s), Recycling, Gardening, Beverly Cleary (Tween), Poems (Children & Adult)
Sage Now on Display BCLS Heroes, Teen Books for Adults, Adult Books for Teens