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Currently on display

Wirt-2nd Floor Now on display Tri-City Carvers Club Canes decorated for veterans (with eagle handles) and other wood carvings.
Wirt-1st Floor
Now on display BCLS Summer Reading Program
Theme: Heroes
Children’s slogan-Every Hero has a Story
Teen’s slogan-Unmask!
Adult slogan-Escape the Ordinary
Wirt-Local History Room Now on display BCLS Pictures of buildings and homes as well as books on the architecture of Bay City.
Wirt-Children’s Now on display Connie Walenga Children’s stories and characters
Auburn Now on display BCLS Summer Reading Program (Display Case), Jurassic Reads (Children), Summer Reads (Adults), Make Knowledge Your Superpower (Teens), Independence Day (Adults), Monarch Butterflies (Children)
Pinconning Now on display BCLS Craig Boyer’s Superhero Collection (Display Case), Summer Reading Program (Adults & Teens), Weddings, Travel(Adults & Children)
Pinconning Now on Display BCLS Superhero Books (Children), How-to-Draw and Dinosaur Books (Tween)
Sage Now on Display BCLS Heroes, Teen Books for Adults, Adult Books for Teens