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Seed Library @ Wirt

In collaboration with Bay City Cooperative Market

Get your garden growing in three simple steps...

1. CHECK OUT up to 10 packets at a time.
Seeds are checked out just like books!

2. GROW them in your garden.

3. RETURN a portion of dried seeds from your harvest
and share the joy of gardening with our community!
The seed library is located on the second floor of Wirt. 
If you have any questions, please call (989) 893-9566.

Cake Pan Collection

BCLS now offers nearly two dozen specialty cake pans
and baking molds such as Darth Vader, Mickey Mouse,
Thomas the Tank, LEGO, 3-D flower, Pooh, 3-D sports ball, 
cake pops, a multi-piece castle, and many more! 


Click here for the board game collection






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