Library of Things

Library of Things

Library of things

Welcome to our Library of Things – a unique collection that goes beyond the conventional borrowing of books and media, enriching your library experience with a diverse range of items and equipment available for short-term borrowing.


Diverse Beyond Imagination: Our Library of Things offers a curated assortment of items that cater to a myriad of interests and needs. From DIY tools and tech gadgets to outdoor equipment and games, our collection is designed to meet the needs of our diverse community.

Borrowing, Redefined: Much like borrowing a book, patrons have the flexibility to check out these non-traditional items, ensuring you have access to what you need when you need it. This unique borrowing system allows you to embark on specific projects, try out new experiences, or fulfill temporary needs without the long-term commitment of ownership.

Access Over Ownership: At the heart of our Library of Things is the philosophy of access over ownership. We understand that there are items one may need only occasionally, making purchasing them a less practical option. By borrowing from our collection, you can enjoy the benefits without the burden of ownership.

A Gateway to Exploration: Discover a treasure trove of useful and fascinating items that may not find a permanent place in your home but can greatly enhance your experiences and endeavors (hello, giant Jenga game). Whether you're an avid DIY enthusiast, a tech-savvy explorer, or someone seeking outdoor adventures, our Library of Things has something for everyone.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our Library of Things encourages cost-effective solutions for our patrons. Why buy when you can borrow? Save money, reduce clutter, and contribute to a sustainable community by utilizing resources more efficiently.

How It Works: Explore our catalog, choose the items that suit your needs, and check them out – it's that simple. Our user-friendly system ensures a seamless borrowing experience, available to all Bay County resident cardholders. Items from the Library of Things will be housed at the Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library, but can be requested and held at any of our four branch locations as well as the Bookmobile.

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Embrace a new dimension of library services with our Library of Things – where the borrowing experience goes beyond the ordinary, and the possibilities are as diverse as the items in our collection! Welcome to a world of exploration, access, and community sharing!

Check out a full list of items available to check out from the Library of Things here.


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Please note: This special collection is available to Bay County residents only.