Spring Storytime is here!

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One of the joys of being a children's librarian is hearing all of the wonderful stories that children and caregivers have about storytimes. I love it when children sing me their favorite storytime song, or recall a game that we played together, or recount a specific book that we'd read together. Storytime is such a big part of library memories, and we're excited to have you join us for our spring session! Storytimes will be over Zoom for seven weeks, letting you play, sing, and read with us interactively while we're still apart.

Baby Storytime, for children 0-24 months, is a great way to socialize your child, play together, and begin building those early language and literacy skills! These are the months where your child's brain is developing fastest, and Miss Dena will guide you through songs, stories, and activities that help make your child's brain language ready! You can look forward to lots of repetition (perfect for baby brains) and familiar rhymes to give you confidence your child's first and best teacher. Baby Storytime is on Wednesday mornings from 10:30am-11am. Repetition to do along with your child. Nursery rhymes.Opportunities to interact.  Register here!

Preschool Storytime, for ages 2-5, is a blast with Miss Dani! Your child will have fun learning new songs, reading picture books, and playing. We'll read, write, sing, talk, and play - the five practices to help build early literacy - all while enjoying ourselves in this storytime from home. Preschool Storytime is on Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-11am.  Register here!

And of course there's Family Storytime! This storytime with Miss Anne and Miss Stephanie has a little bit of everything - activities, songs, movement, and of course stories! Our only evening storytime, this session is great for all ages, with activities that work for young children through early elementary (ages 0-6). The whole family is invited to participate and have fun while sneaking in a little learning, too. Family Storytime is on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7pm. Register here!

Don't forget to check out our programming schedule for all the fantastic programs for children, teens, and adults - visit our calendar to register for our full slate of programs!

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