Switch your notices to TEXT or EMAIL ASAP

After decades of use, our automatic telephone notification system has made its last call. As it is outdated and unable to be repaired, this software and machinery will not be replaced. Effective immediately, we need affected patrons to choose a new method to receive notices:

                TEXT or EMAIL (highly recommended)
                POSTAL MAIL (not recommended due to slow delivery times)

Please contact any BCLS branch library to update your notice delivery. If you were one of the patrons who did not receive a phone notice in early January, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!


BCLS is providing curbside service only at all branches until further notice. If you have questions or need assistance, call your local branch location. The Bookmobile will continue to operate during this time, with items passed through the window. At Wirt, you are welcome to use either curbside or the pick-up window located on the east side of the building (Madison Ave).

MI Library Quest: Mystery Edition

MiLibraryQuest logo with mysterious figure holding an open book with footprints and question marks falling out

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! An anonymous tip has come in that a thief will steal an iconic Michigan landmark on Valentine’s Day. We’re recruiting teenage private detectives to stop the heist! Figure out who the thief is and what they’re stealing to prevent the crime and enter to win a reward.

Learn more about the Teens Only Quest at  https://milibraryquest.wixsite.com/quest1. The Quest begins on January 1 and ends on February 14, 2021.

The Mi Library Quest challenge is made up of public libraries across Michigan and is supported in part by the Library of Michigan.

#MiLibraryQuest #MiWinterQuest #LibrariesOfMichigan

And now for a clue: A janitor reported seeing a balled up piece of paper with what looked like Harry Potter fanfiction notes on it.


Published by on December 21, 2020
Last Modified January 22, 2021
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