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Press Play and Jam Out

Get 2022 Music from Your Library

Have you heard? A lot of really great music came out in 2022, and I’m here to remind you how much of it you can get from your library. We have two main sources for music, CDs (yes we still have awesome CD collections) and the app Hoopla. Each branch has their own physical music collection that is co...

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Young Adult Dragon Tales with a Dragon in a Moon

Here Be Dragons...

Whether ferocious beast or fearsome companion, dragons still loom large in fantasy. You may have a favorite in a popular television show or movie, but the literary world has a lot of cool takes on the mythos of dragons as well. If you are looking for some YA adventures with fantastical creatures, th...

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Teen Titles for Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month.This is atime to celebrate the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. A great way to celebrate would be to read a book (or two or t...

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Short Stories for Teens

Short & (Not Always) Sweet Teen Reads

Looking for something new to read, but don’t want a big commitment. Try a short story collection! There are so many great ones out there-Some all have books in the same theme, some have all have books by the same author, and some may have books all set in the same universe. Short story collections a...

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audiobooks for the whole family

Audiobooks for the Whole Family

There's no time like the summertime to pack the family into the car and hit the road!  Family road trips bring with them the opportunity to create memories and bring families closer together.  Bonding can come in many forms, and listening to stories while on the road can be the perfect act...

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‘MiLibraryQuest: Summer 2022 Are you up to the challenge?’ and MiLibraryQuest logo with divers, a sunken ship, and text stating MiLibraryQuest: Treasures of the Deep

The Quest Starts Now!

Teens in Michigan are invited to participate in MiLibraryQuest: Treasures of the Deep this summer.    Pirates, shipwrecks, and monsters have inhabited our oceans for millennia. MiLibraryQuest: Treasures of the Deep will challenge teens to complete an ocean-themed crossword puzzle by ...

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Graphic Novel Book Club!~ Do you like graphic novels? Are you looking for a group to talk about some great reads?

New Book Club for Teens!

This summer we are launching our Graphic Novel Book Club for teens in grades 6-8!  Each month participants will be asked to read a graphic novel and then come to the meeting. During the meetings we'll talk about everything from the stories to the graphic novel format--plus we have snack...

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Teen Historical Fiction

Looking for a Book Set in the Past?

Are you a history buff? Or do you like to read books set in the past to imagine what it would have been like to live back then? It seems like there have been some great historical fiction books coming out in Teen Fiction lately that I’d love to highlight for you. On today’s list, I am going to avoid...

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National Library Week 2022

Happy National Library Week

It’s National Library Week everyone! Just like any other celebration, we’re sure this one could've snuck up on you. No worries. This one is easy to celebrate, just visit your local library! We love connecting with you all, and that makes it perfect that this year’s theme is Connecting With You...

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