Do you Hoopla?  If not, it's the perfect time to start!  Late last year, all of our digital audiobooks made the move from Libby to Hoopla.  Now, in addition to your 10 monthly instant borrows, Bay County resident cardholders have access to Flex audiobook titles.

In addition to the 10 Hoopla Instant borrows you receive each month, you will now have 5 Hoopla Flex audiobook borrows you can use on specially marked Hoopla Flex Audiobooks.  Flex borrows are unlimited during the month.  While you're limited to checking out 5 Flex titles at one time, as soon as one or more is returned from your account you have the ability to check out other Flex titles, just like Libby users.

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Unlike Instant titles, Flex titles are not simultaneous-use copies; that is, only one person at a time may borrow a Flex title. If a copy is out on loan, it cannot be borrowed again until returned. If a title is currently out on loan, you may place a hold on the title. You can have up to 5 Flex titles on hold at a time.  This is similar to how physical books are loaned out by the library.

If you still have questions or need help getting started, check out more details here or stop by your favorite branch!

If you already Hoopla, log into your account to check out this list of recently added bestselling Flex audiobook titles here - available to borrow or hold now!

Published by on May 02, 2024
Last Modified July 19, 2024