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Native American History  Month

Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Celebrate and learn about the history of our country’s indigenous people, with an array of books available at BCLS libraries. Here’s a sampling of some nonfiction titles and historical novels to get you started. Braiding Sweetgrass: Indige...

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Press Play and Jam Out

Get 2022 Music from Your Library

Have you heard? A lot of really great music came out in 2022, and I’m here to remind you how much of it you can get from your library. We have two main sources for music, CDs (yes we still have awesome CD collections) and the app Hoopla. Each branch has their own physical music collection that is co...

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blue background with red hearts, black text that reads the return of the rom-com superimposed over an image of a man on bended knee offering heart to a woman.

The Return of the Rom-Com

Despite romance's bestselling spot atop all other fiction genres, it has a long history of not being respected by "serious" readers and is often derided as fluff. Things have come a long way since Harlequin first began publishing romance in the late 1940's, and although Harlequin is still very much ...

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Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories & Haunted Tales at BCLS

Now that Fall is in full swing, many of us are in the mood for a good ghost story. Whether it’s classic tales of hauntings or modern takes on these spooky tales of the macabre, BCLS libraries have a great selection from which to choose. Here’s just a small sampling to get you started. In addition...

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Young Adult Dragon Tales with a Dragon in a Moon

Here Be Dragons...

Whether ferocious beast or fearsome companion, dragons still loom large in fantasy. You may have a favorite in a popular television show or movie, but the literary world has a lot of cool takes on the mythos of dragons as well. If you are looking for some YA adventures with fantastical creatures, th...

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analog clock with overlaid text that reads short on time? check out these quick reads against a dusty pink background

Quick Reads: Books to Read or Listen to in a Day!

Fall is here to stay, and with it all its trappings!  Back to school, back to carpool, back to after-school activities and weekend sporting events.  This return to routine often leaves us feeling like we have much less free time for things like reading or listening- when it's not for schoo...

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Books to Screen

From Book To Screen

“The book is better”, so the saying goes. Check out and read these books before you see their filmed movie/TV versions and judge for yourself.   Agent Josephine: American Beauty, French Hero, British Spy by Damien Lewis Tells the story of jazz great Baker’s role as an agent for the Fre...

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various graphic novel cover images collected over a yellow and purple background

Graphic Novels: Not Just for Kids!

Did you know?  Graphic novels are not just for kids!  All BCLS branches now have their own new graphic novel collection, curated just for adults!  While tackling adult topics and subject matter, these graphic novels combine stories and art for a totally unique reading experience.&n...

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47th annual used book sale

47th Annual Used Book Sale

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  The Friends of the Bay County Libraries 47th annual used book sale is happening August 4 - 6, 2022 at the Bay County Civic Arena.  All items are priced to move, with books ranging from $0.50 to $2.00.  The Saturday all-day clearance lets you ...

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