There's a chill in the air and Yetis are everywhere! There's still a month left to participate in our annual Winter Reading Program! This year's theme is Get YETI to Read...The YETI Strikes Back! Completed logs will be accepted for entries into our prize drawings through February 24, 2024. Check out these ten reasons why you'll want to get in on the program:

  1. Win Exclusive YETI Brand Drinkware:

    • Participate in the Winter Reading Program and get a chance to win special YETI brand drinkware. Your reading adventure could earn you a stylish and high-quality cup for your favorite beverages!
  2. Minimal Time Commitment:

    • With just 8 hours of reading or listening, you can qualify for entry into the prize drawings. It's a manageable commitment that fits into your schedule while offering a chance at exciting rewards.
  3. Flexible Participation:

    • Choose the method that suits you best—participate online using READsquared or go traditional with paper logs. Whether you prefer the digital experience or the tangible feel of a log in hand, we've got you covered!
  4. Enhance Your Winter Experience and Boost Mental Well-Being:

    • Have the winter blues? Reading has been linked to reduced stress and improved mental well-being. Embrace the cozy winter season with the Winter Reading Program. Reading or listening to books can add warmth and joy to the colder months, providing a delightful escape into captivating stories.
  5. Discover New Books:

    • Use this program as an opportunity to explore new genres, authors, or subjects. Our librarians are ready to recommend exciting reads that might become your new favorites.
  6. Track Your Progress:

    • Whether you choose the online platform or the traditional paper logs, tracking your reading progress can be motivating and rewarding. Watch as your reading hours accumulate toward the 8-hour goal.
  7. Earn Additional Entries:

    • Keep the excitement going! For every additional 8 hours of reading or listening, earn extra entries into the prize drawings. The more you read, the higher your chances of winning.
  8. Quality Family Time:

    • Encourage family members of all ages to participate. The Winter Reading Program provides an opportunity for shared reading experiences, promoting quality time spent together.
  9. Connect with Library Resources:

    • Explore the vast resources available at the library. From e-books to audiobooks, the Winter Reading Program offers a gateway to discovering the wide range of materials available at your library.
  10. Winter Reading, Year-Round Benefits:

    • The Winter Reading Program is not just a seasonal activity—it fosters a lifelong love of reading. The benefits of your reading habit extend beyond winter, enriching your life with knowledge, entertainment, and relaxation.


For more information and to sign up online, click here.

Published by on January 25, 2024
Last Modified June 19, 2024