We're expanding our children's board game collection!

Image of a children's board games collection

We're expanding our board game collection at our branches to include more games for children and families. Some of these would be excellent choices for homeschooling families or to supplement your child's education. 

Here is a list of what you may soon see on the shelves of your branch: 

  • Blokus
  • Dragonwood
  • Election Night
  • Game of Life, Jr
  • Hoot, Owl, Hoot
  • Money Bags
  • My First Castle Panic
  • No Stress Chess
  • Prime Climb
  • Quirkle
  • Scrabble, Jr
  • Sequence for Kids
  • Shut the Box
  • Sleeping Queens
  • Sorry!
  • Sum Swamp
  • Sushi Go
  • Trouble
  • Zingo!

As a reminder, games check out for 1 week. Check out our collection, which also includes games for teens and adults! Place a hold to have an item from a different branch sent to your local branch. 

Learn more about our other Surprising Collections on our website

Published by on May 08, 2021
Last Modified December 02, 2021
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