Early Literacy Tip of the Month: Read Every Day

grandmother reading to two children

Reading together with your child is one of the most important ways to develop their early literacy skills! It's as simple as sitting down together every day or night for 10-15 minutes (or more!) and sharing stories. Reading is a great way to introduce children to new words in context. If you see a word that your child may not be familiar with, sound it out and explain what it means.

Reading while snuggled up on the couch or in a comfy bed teaches kids to associate reading with feeling loved and secure and is an excellent way to bond as a family! You can add to their enjoyment by pointing out how much you enjoy reading with them and spending that time together. 

In addition, letting children see you read for your own enjoyment will help them see reading as a fun activity people of all ages can enjoy! Many families keep books all over their houses or apartments so that the opportunity to read is always there. 

Published by on November 12, 2019
Last Modified December 13, 2019
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