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Image of a baby in a snowsuit outside

Staff Picks: Picture Books for Winter

Winter is the perfect season for reading together when the weather outside is frightful! Here are some seasonal picture book selections for the whole family from the BCLS children’s department staff:  Winter More than just another color book, Sugar White Snow and Evergreens: A Winter Wond...

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Best of 2019? text with picture of a person reading

Best of these people's opinions

As 2019 is winding down, it’s a big season for best-of lists. These are a great tool to see if there were any releases this year that you may have missed. They're are also great for gift ideas for the readers in your family. Reading through the different lists you will find some recurring favor...

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Reindeer at Your Library!

It's almost that wonderful time of year - reindeer are coming to a library near you! All four branches of the Bay County Library System will be visited by our furry friends, and we'd love to have you and your family join us! To help get you ready, here are some fantastic reindeer facts: Reinde...

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grandmother reading to two children

Early Literacy Tip of the Month: Read Every Day

Reading together with your child is one of the most important ways to develop their early literacy skills! It's as simple as sitting down together every day or night for 10-15 minutes (or more!) and sharing stories. Reading is a great way to introduce children to new words in context. If you se...

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Covers of Books for Blog Post Teen Titles on Immigrant Experience

Teen Titles on the Immigrant Experience

Immigration is an experience many of us have never been through. That can make it hard to understand what it means to be an immigrant when reading about it in a history book or hearing about it in the news. From our stable homes it is hard to imagine what would make a person leave absolutely everyth...

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Something Wicked This Way Comes text with moon and haunted house

Black Magic Reads

As this spooky season is approaching the big day, you may be looking for some supernatural reads. Below are a few to check out featuring some magic users. Don’t worry--these are not Halloween-centric, so even after Thursday passes and the candy is all eaten, these titles are still in season. ...

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Dani Diamico, Children's Librarian at Sage Library

We have a Rising Star!

Every year, the Michigan Library Association chooses a Rising Star librarian - someone who, despite being in the field less than five years, has shown great leadership. Award winners are energetic efficient librarians who push the boundaries of originality and creativity to establish a library cultu...

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page from The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

The World of Wordless Picture Books

Can you imagine picking up a book, only to find there aren't any words, and that's exactly how it's designed to be? Wordless picture books are a growing genre, so you might find quite a few as you browse library shelves. Many people aren't quite sure what to do with them - how do you read a book wit...

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Popular Thriller Covers

Thriller Mania

A very common question in the library is “what are other people reading?”. People like to read the current, hot reads because a)if it’s popular, there it is probably good and b)they can converse with other people about it. Lately when I get that question I am sending more and more people to lists of...

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boy reading and laughing

5 Early Literacy Practices

Every month our children's staff plans to share a tip to help develop early literacy skills in children. For our first post, we will talk about the 5 early literacy practices identified by researchers with the American Library Association* for the Every Child Ready to Read initiative. We will s...

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