History Hounds Lecture Series

History Hounds

If you have a nose for History like I do, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the free virtual Historical investigation series History Hounds which is now available to all BCLS library card holders.  Each week the good people at the Historical Society of Michigan “sniff” out a new and fascinating historical topic related to the state of Michigan’s long and storied history.


Some of the myriad of upcoming stories include:

Criminal Mysteries: Infamous Unsolved Crimes in Michigan’s History

The Page Fence Giants: African-American Baseball Champs

Loggers in Stone: Creating the Lumbermen’s Monument

The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan: Resurrecting WWII Aircraft


The lecture series is Presented on ZOOM by the Historical Society of Michigan

  • History Hounds is FREE to BCLS patrons because we are an HSM member organization (saving you a $7 per lecture fee)!
  • Each lecture and Q&A usually lasts about an hour.
  • Registration for each lecture closes at 3 p.m. Eastern Time the day BEFORE the scheduled talk.
  • If you can watch and listen to a video on YouTube or Facebook, you have all the technology you need to join remotely*

How to Register for a Program

  1. Visit the HISTORY HOUNDS website
    • The list of upcoming lectures with dates and descriptions is at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select the button that says "member" to open the registration form.
  3. On the registration form:
    • Select "A member of an Organizational Member of HSM"
    • Type Bay County Library System in the box labeled "Historical Organization you are a member of".
    • Select attending through remote access
    • Fill in your information
    • Click the box(es) next to the lecture(s) you want to attend.
    • Click "Submit" when you are done

*Instructions on how to remote-in to the lecture will be sent to attendees several days before each program.

Published by on July 08, 2021
Last Modified October 22, 2021